Sunrise, Spring, and a Midsummer’s Night, Memphis’ IRIS Orchestra and the Tennessee Shakespeare Company

Germantown Performing Arts Center, Germantown, Tenn.
February 26, 2011

As Oberon with Slade Kyle as Puck as Michael Stern conducts the Iris Orchestra playing Michael Gandolfi's music 'Themes from a Midsummer Night' (PHOTO: Tennessee Shakespeare Company)

In a battle of magical proportions with Caley Milliken as Titania (PHOTO: Tennessee Shakespeare Company)

The fairy world "bless . . . with sweet peace" the audience (PHOTO: Tennesee Shakespeare Company)


Critical Response

“It was a concert, yes, but there was also a theatrical event integrating Michael Gandolfi’s brisk and lovely ‘Themes from a Midsummer Night,’ with a performance of scenes from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

It was a visual and sonic romp as players from Germantown-based Tennessee Shakespeare Company bounded across the stage — and even the musicians got to add some ham to the feast.

Thanks to Dan McCleary, the TSC founder who directed the action, the six richly costumed actors interacted with the musicians and maestro Michael Stern, evoking the goofy yet wondrous forested dream world that makes up much of one of Shakespeare’s most loved plays.”
—John W. Sparks, Memphis Commercial Appeal (February 28, 2011)