Floor Above the Roof, The Great Chicago Playwrights Exposition

Body Politic Theatre
June 23 – July 19, 1987

By Daniel Therriault
Directed by Joseph Sadowski


Ed Blatchford, Johnny Lee Davenport, and Michael E. Meyers in a promotional photo for ‘The Floor Above the Roof’ (PHOTO: Chicago Sun-Times)

“Daniel Therrieault’s Floor Above the Roof, directed by Joseph Sadowski, is a prolonged slice-of-life study of four men working on a New York loading dock. [Johnny Lee] Davenport, [Henry] Godinez, Michael E. Myers and Ed Blatchford are the blue-collar men who take turns expressing their different hopes for a better life, until an abrupt offstage melodramatic event . . . brings the play to its sentimental end.
sssssThe actors, many of whom perform in several plays, give the texts a vigorous reading. Hand them a script, and they’ll hand you a performance.”
—Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune (June 26, 1987)

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