Pericles, Actors’ Shakespeare Project

The Modern Theatre at Suffolk University
April 17 – May 12, 2013

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Allyn Burrows
Roles: Helicanus, Fisherman, Knight, Sailor, and Pirate


As Helanicus, warning a Lord of Tyre (Johnnie McQuarley) not to flatter Pericles insincerely to gain his favor. (PHOTO: Stratton McCrady)


As Helicanus, joking with his beloved Prince Pericles (Jesse Hinson) after warning the prince not to be so trusting. (PHOTO: Stratton McCrady)


As a Fisherman of Pentapolis, blessing Pericles (Jesse Hinson) as he ventures to the tournament to vie for Princess Thaisa’s love. (PHOTO: Stratton McCrady)


As the Knight of Antioch, competing for Princess Thaisa’s hand in marriage. (PHOTO: Stratton McCrady)


Joining two other knights (Omar Robinson and Johnnie McQuarley) to impress Princess Thaisa with their dancing skills. (PHOTO: Stratton McCrady)

Critical Response

“Among the skilled ensemble, Johnny Lee Davenport stands out as Helicanus and in a host of other parts. Earlier this year, I saw Davenport own multiple roles in The Huntington Theatre Company’s production of Invisible Man. Here, he again breathes life, humor, and a sense of individuality into each character he portrays, whether he’s Prince Pericles’ confidant, a knight, a fisherman, or a pirate.”
—Gillian Daniels, New England Theatre Geek (April 26, 2013)

“. . . in this production, the actors thrived in the moments of comedy. Omar Robinson, Johnnie McQuarley, and Johnny Lee Davenport, who played many different roles and could be considered somewhat of an ensemble, had such comedic timing, using subtle asides and physical reactions to emphasize all the still applicable hilarity in the text.”
Alexandra Lonati, Broadway World Boston, (April 28, 2013)

Johnny Lee Davenport is a robust Helicanus, and many other things.”
Charles Munitz (BADMan) Boston Arts Diary (May 4, 2003)

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