The Critic, Young Company, Stratford Shakespeare Company, Ontario

Stratford Festival Third Stage
July 27 – September 4, 1988

Written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Directed by Robin Phillips
Role: A Beefeater

Critical Response

The Critic opens with some gloriously funny shots at the pretensions and hypocrisy of playwrights and critics. . . . Here is a priceless opportunity for actors to let their hair down and indulge in excess. . . . What’s required is discipline and tight ensemble work; overactive overacting spells disaster. . . . And what a delight [the ensemble work] is to see. [The Critic is]  an upbeat way to end a shrewdly chosen festival season that combines popularity and real artistic achievement.”
—Robert Crew, Toronto Star (August 1, 1988)

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