Oedipus, Young Company, Stratford Shakespeare Company, Ontario

Stratford Festival Third Stage
July 27 – September 4, 1988

Written by Sophocles
Directed by Robin Phillips
Role: Citizen of Thebes

Critical Response

“The Young Company’s production of Oedipus and The Critic opened at the Third Stage on Saturday under the direction of Robin Phillips. And what was a showcase for the formidable talents of Olivier becomes the perfect vehicle for this engaging group of actors to explore the classic repertoire and stretch themselves in a variety of different roles.

Phillips gives full weight to the text (his actors command attention at all times), but the exploration is also conducted through the precise union of sound, light and the movement of bodies on stage. To my taste, there are perhaps two brief moments when it becomes stylistically excessive, but there’s no denying the immense potency of the piece as a whole. The impact is shattering.”
—Robert Crew, Toronto Star (August 1, 1988)

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