Love’s Labor’s Lost, Shakespeare & Company

Mainstage, The Mount, Lenox, Mass.
July 23 – August 29, 1999

Critical Response

“The crown jewels of the production belong to the actors. Johnny Davenport and Tod Randolph are well matched, bringing their usual presence and verbal skills to the roles of the King of Navarre and the Princess of France.”
—Elyse Sommer, (July 31, 1999)

“The cast, however, offers some pretty fine acting. Johnny Lee Davenport and Tod Randolf make apt sparring partners as the king and princess.”
—Michael Eck, Special to the Albany Times Union (August 3, 1999)

“There’s nice support from Johnny Lee Davenport.”
—Ed Seigel, The Boston Globe (August 4, 1999)

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