Dr. Faustus, Oak Park Festival Theatre

Austin Gardens, Oak Park, Ill.
July 1 – August 15, 1992

Critical Response

Johnny Lee Davenport is sleek and elegant as Mephistopheles, Lucifer’s minister and Faustus’ servant.”
—Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times (July 14, 1992)

Johnny Lee Davenport is unusually restrained and understated as Mephistopheles, a fine performance at odds with his partner.”
—Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune (July 16, 1992)

“Though clear and cogent, the performances in Tom Mula’s dutiful open-air staging are, with the exception of Johnny Lee Davenport’s imposing and relentless Mephistophilis, less exciting than the effects.”
—Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Reader (July 16, 1992)

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