Cymbeline, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Margeson Theater
February 8 – March 18, 2012

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Jim Helsinger
Roles: Belarius, Philario, and Jupiter

In Rome as Philario, enjoying a steam bath with a Frenchman (Rudy Roushdi) and Iachimo (Geoffrey Kent), while his servants (Bradford B. Frost and Michael Shenefelt) attend (PHOTO: Tony Firriolo)

As the noble warrior Belarius, living in exile in Wales (PHOTO: Tony Firriolo)

Posing as a hunter named Morgan, sharing a story with Cymbeline's sons, Arviragus (Bradford B. Frost) and Guiderius (Michael Shenefelt), whom he kidnapped as babies and raised as his own Cadwall and Polydor, respectively (PHOTO: Tony Firriolo)

As Jupiter, wielding his thunderbolt at the unfaithful souls of the Underworld (PHOTO:)

Critical Response

“Despite the confounding plot and gruesome murder, the cast all has moment to shine. . . . Johnny Lee Davenport wields yoga against the elements as the exiled royal.”
—Carl F. Gauze, Archikulture Digest (February 12, 2012)

“Special note must be made of Hering, whose Queen combines Maleficent’s iciness with Ursula’s dramatic flair, and of Johnny Lee Davenport, authoritative in several roles, including a toga-clad Jupiter, the show’s literal deus ex machina.”
—Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly (February 16, 2012)

We loved seeing our friend Johnny Lee Davenport in Cymbeline this evening!
—@Women of Will to #STA12, Twitter (March 12, 2012)

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