Nomathemba (Hope), Steppenwolf Theatre and Ladysmith Black Mombazo

The Steppenwolf Downstairs Mainstage Theatre, Chicago
March 30 – May 21, 1995

Vanita Harbour, Bernadette L. Clarke and Johnny Lee Davenport sing the story of “Nomathemba.”

Critical Response

“[T]his is, in the true sense, an ensemble piece, brightened and made glorious by the contributions of every one of its 23 South African and African-American players. These include Cheryl Lynn Bruce as a nurturing woman of the village, Bernadette L. Clarke as a spunky young woman who befriends Nomathemba in the city, Johnny Lee Davenport as the big, simple man who loves her, and Dumisani Diamini as a shrewd, snappy man of the streets.”
—Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune (April 10, 1995)

“Under Simonson’s fluid direction, the cast is uniformly appealing.”
—Lewis Lazare, Variety (April 24-30, 1995)

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