Split Second, Victory Gardens Theater

March 26 – May 11, 1986

By Dennis McIntyre
Directed by Dennis Zacek


Bruce A. Young as Val Johnson and Johnny Lee Davenport as Charlie.

“The cast delivers bravura performances . . . . Johnny Lee Davenport plays the easy-going sort of friend who won’t be around when the going gets tough.”
—Lynn Voedisch, Chicago Sun-Times (March 27, 1986)

Johnny Lee Davenport is the cop’s earthy confidant.”
—Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune (March 27, 1986)

Johnny Lee Davenport plays Charlie, Johnson’s friend. His moral judgments float with the situation.”
—Lilliana Drechney, The Leader (April 2, 1996)

Johnny Lee Davenport is fine in a relaxed, assured turn as Young’s cop buddy, a fellow Vietnam vet, with a shocking wartime story to tell.”
—Fred Nuccio, Curtain Call (April 2, 1986)

“It is one of the most beautifully realized, most cohesive productions I’ve seen at Victory Gardens. Every performance is vividly etched, [including] Johnny Lee Davenport as his casual and callous fellow officer.”
—Albert Williams, Chicago Reader (April 4, 1986)

“Ivory Ocean and Johnny Lee Davenport round out the superb cast that create a worthwhile theatre experience.”
—Anne Blair, Chicago Crusader (April 5, 1986)

“Excellent support comes from  . . . Johnny Lee Davenport as his in-control, practical partner.”
—Lawrence Bommer, Windy City Times (April 10, 1986)

“Pat Bowie plays Alea, Johnson’s wife and she along with Ivory Ocean, who plays a police investigator, have good moments, as do Mr. Young and Mr. Davenport. Unfortunately, they all deserve a better vehicle for their talent.”Chicago Observer (April 13, 1986)

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