Sankofa Theater: A Maafa Experience, ACT: A Contemporary Theater

The Moore Theater, Seattle
July 20 – 25, 2004

Show Poster

Explanation of Andinkra and Ki-Swahili words from program


“This is the second consecutive year Seattle’s Sankofa Theatre presents the Maafa Experience and it has a strong cast with more than 100 local performers, singers, and musicians, young artists arriving from New York, and South and West African performing artists. The Sankofa Theatre Company has a truly exciting and unique story to tell.

‘The Seattle production is unique because it has a strong theatrical emphasis, combining spoken word, live drummers, dance, and visuals,’ Erwin Thomas says. The level of commitment is notable with the cast rehearsing six days a week, for six weeks, from 6-10 p.m. There are big demands from the artists and cast, and new learning experiences for those who have never performed. ‘The experience, to be with African people, telling our story is incredible, and rare,’ Thomas says. ‘Going through the rigorous rehearsals, physically, mentally, and spiritually, coming back day after day creates an amazing family.'”
—Romie Ponce, Real Change News (July 8, 2004)