Hamlet, Shakespeare & Company

Founders’ Theatre, Lenox, Mass.
June 26 – August 28, 2009

As King Hamlet's Ghost, with Jason Asprey as Hamlet (PHOTO: Kevin Sprague)

As the Player King (PHOTO: Kevin Sprague)

Critical Response

“Claudius (Nigel Gore) and Polonius (Dennis Krausnick) were perfectly cast, as was the masterful Johnny Lee Davenport in the multiple roles of the Ghost, Player King and Gravedigger. ”
—Larry Murray, Berkshire Fine Arts (June 28, 2009)

Johnny Lee Davenport is a seamless switch for John Windsor-Cunningham in the roles of the Ghost of Hamlet’s Father, the Player King, and the Gravedigger, a combination that still works well.”
—Gail M. Burns, GailSez.org: Berkshire Theatre Reviews (June 2009)

Johnny Lee Davenport steals the show in a chilling turn as the ghost, and equally hilarious moments as a traveling actor and gravedigger.”
—Karolina Sadowicz, In The Spotlight (June 28, 2009)

Johnny Lee Davenport rates a special round of applause as the ghost of the slain King, the Player King and the gravedigger.”
—Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up (August 18, 2009)

“We saw it last night and I was blown away by a lot of the performances. Jason Asprey as the tormented Hamlet, Johnny Lee Davenport as the Ghost, and Elizabeth Raetz as Ophelia command the stage.”
—Greer Horner, greerhorner.com: Blog (August 19, 2009)