Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare & Company

The Mount, Lenox, Mass.
July 21 – September 2, 2000

As Lord Capulet (center), leading the dance at the Capulet masquerade ball (PHOTO: Kevin Sprague)

As Lord Capulet, consoling Carolyn Roberts as Juliet (PHOTO: Kevin Sprague)

Critical Response

“But amid all this, McKinnon’s leads stand out, with Jason Asprey taking top honors as an absolutely magnetic Mercutio, followed in due course by Johnny Lee Davenport, as a Lord Capulet to be reckoned with.”
—Michael Eck, Special to the Albany Times Union (August 7, 2000)

“A few Shakespeare & Co. ringers lit up the action whenever they appeared. Jason Asprey gave the hot-headed Mercutio a sly sense of  humor and fun; Malcolm Ingram found just the right tone for Friar Lawrence; Ariel Bock was a fussy nurse; and Johnny Lee Davenport an imposing Lord Capulet.”
—Terry Byrne, Boston Herald (August 16, 2000)