The Mystery Cycle: The Creation (Reprised) and The Passion (in Repertory), Court Theatre, Professional Theater at the University of Chicago

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel
January 1, 1993 – February 1, 1993

As Lucifer in 'The Passion'

Critical Response for The Passion

“The story [is] framed as a battle between Lucifer (the fiery Johnny Lee Davenport) and Christ (Philip E. Johnson, an actor of seductive voice and easy physicality).”
—Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times (January 19, 1993)

A gloating Satan (Johnny Lee Davenport) tempts Christ in the wilderness by commanding him to throw himself from the highest pinnacle.
—Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune (January 19, 1993)

“Lucifer, dressed like Michael Jackson, presides over hell like a high-powered executive . . . Although the cast includes some fine actors—Johnny Lee Davenport as Lucifer, for example . . .they are meant to be looked at more than watched. They tell the story primarily through their costumes and the way they move on stage.”
—Tom Valeo, Daily Herald (January 19, 1993)

Johnny Lee Davenport’s Lucifer is wonderfully charismatic, embodying the pleasing shape the devil often takes.”
—Adam Langer, Chicago Reader (Jan 21, 1993)

“Best of the cast is a fired-up Johnny Lee Davenport, who transforms Lucifer into a sleazy Vegas-style performer in flashy costumes designed by Mary Griswold and Fortuna Taxi.”
—Lewis Lazare, Variety (February 22, 1993)

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