A House With No Walls, New Rep

Charles Mosesian Theater, Watertown, Mass.
October 24 – November 18, 2007

As Salif Camara, in a stare down with Stephen Russell as a park ranger, protecting the marked off foundation of slaves' quarters (PHOTO: Andrew Brilliant)

As Salif Camara, in a promo photo, debating Riddick Marie as Cadence Lane (PHOTO: Andrew Brilliant)

Critical Response

“Good thing that Davenport as Salif and Marie as Cadence can hold their own. It’s just plain fun to watch these two spit fire at each other and create fully realized people out of what could have been caricatures of the liberal, dashiki-clad activist and the black conservative complete with a Condoleeza hair helmet and power pumps. Salif may be on the side of the liberal angels in his beliefs, but Davenport allows him to have flashes of glee in his press coverage and the political power.”
—Jennifer Bubriski, EDGE Boston (October 28, 2007)

“That Johnny Lee Davenport plays Camara with an uncanny mix of eloquent fervor and hustle makes him the more compelling character.”
—Carolyn Clay, The Boston Phoenix (October 30, 2007)

Johnny Lee Davenport is a mercurial, charismatic powerhouse as Salif.”
—Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe (October 31, 2007)

“Enter Johnny Lee Davenport as the firebrand organizer (looking like Mel King in his prime) who sets out to embarrass and pressure the powers that be into acknowledging the slaves.”
—Beverly Creasey, Theatre Mirror (October 2007)