Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare & Company

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Daniela Varon
Founders’ Theatre, Lenox, Mass.
July 8 – September 3, 2011

As Lord Montague, submitting with his nemesis Lord Capulet (Malcolm Ingram), to the Prince (Tony Roach), who makes a declaration to end the fighting in Verona (PHOTO: Kevin Sprague)

As Lord Montague with Lady Montague (Renee Margaret Speltz), coming upon the dead Tybalt (Equiano Mosieri), slain by their son Romeo and mourned by Lady Capulet (Kelly Curran) and Lord Capulet (Malcolm Ingram), while the Prince (Tony Roach) assesses the situation andn Benvolio (Sam Parrott) and Paris (Wolfe Coleman) look on. (PHOTO: Kevin Sprague)

Critical Response

Johnny Lee Davenport is a powerhouse as Romeo’s father and his final scene shows how a strong man can be deeply affected by losses.”
—J. Peter Bergman, Peter Bergman Theater Reviews (July 16, 2011)

“Juliet turns to her nurse . . . While Romeo appears to get no support or advice from his father, Lord Montague, played by the ever remarkable Johnny Lee Davenport. . . . There was a sharp . . . skill of mature actors like Ingram, Davenport and Benford to convey the depth of their characters.”
—Charles Giuliano, Berkshire Fine Arts (July 16, 2011)

“When the older players were on stage you could rely on them to enunciate, phrase and project their lines with enough force that young people with tinnitus or older folks with hearing loss could understand their every word.”
—Larry Murray, Berkshire on Stage (July 16, 2010)

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