The Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare & Company

The Mount, Outdoor Mainstage, Lenox. Mass.
July 26 – September 1, 1996

Critical Response

“Sir Hugh Evans the Welsh Parson becomes in Johnny Lee Davenport’s performance Hugh Evans the Baptist Preacher. I miss the Welsh Sir Hugh—even though I know his Protestant persona is anachronistic in the Catholic England of Henry IV or V. But for those less attached to the lilt of the Welsh language, Davenport’s Bible-thumping Preacher is a splendid substitution—except for his putative Baptist’s ghastly popish habit of crossing himself!”
—G.L. Horton, AISLE SAY Boston (July 1996)

Johnny Lee Davenport and Allyn Burrows also deserve notice for overtly over-the-top performances of Parson Hugh and Doctor Caius respectively.”
—Michael Eck, Albany Times Union (August 13, 1996)

“With Johnny Lee Davenport cast as the fire-and-brimstone Southern Baptist preacher who does marvelous jigs while preaching his message and Adam Donshik as an appealing young lover, the men of the company steal the show.”
—Iris Fanger, The Boston Herald (August 15, 1996)

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